Monday, August 23, 2010

Zoom and Enhance.

You have all heard the cliché in CSI "zoom and enhance." (If not here you go). Well I decided to try it in real life. I took the instructions from"Whats new cupcake" on how to make a chrysanthemum and decided to apply them to a Giant cupcake. First I went and bought a cheap the cheap giant cupcake mold seen here.

A party, or a giant cupcake Attack!!
The cupcake directions are simple enough to follow just fill and bake with a cake. Now comes the fun part.

Start by cutting giant marshmallows on a diagonal.
Let them rest. (lets the marshmallow expand to correct shape)
Dip in colored sugar and
Stick to cupcake.
Yep that's it.

cutting on diagonal

Resting and dipping

Sticking on the cupcake

Zoomed and Enhanced.

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  1. Sorry for coming over and ruining the surprise by seeing the giant cupcake a day early :)