Sunday, August 29, 2010

Zea's Copycat part II

The second part of the meal I decided to tackle was there famous roasted corn grits. I have been making grits for years but nothing quite like this. They roast whole corn and them to there slow cooked grits that are loaded with butter. Well I knew I wasn't going to be able to exactly duplicate Zea's without much more time then I had so I decided to take some culinary license and experiment a little.This is what I came up with and I am very happy with it. The secret though is to not be afraid.

Yep it grits. One day I will start taking appealing pictures.

1 can cream of corn
2 cups water
1 cup grits (not instant)
1 stick butter
salt to taste

Start by putting the cream of corn in a heavy sauce pot and slightly scorch the cream of corn. This is what will make all the complex smokey flavor that makes these grits so unique. I would suggest trying to go to at least the color of peanut butter on the bottom. Once you are satisfied that you have developed enough flavor add the water, grits, butter, and salt. Cook the recommended time on your package of grits. Yep it really is that simple. I used quick grits in this recipe and was impressed with the results though I am sure the flavor would be topped if old fashioned grits were used.

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